How do I get the picks?

Picks are sent via email. Please make sure you add our email address to your address book so it wont go to spam.

What time are the picks released?

Both free and paid pocks are usually released on Tuesday or Wednesday, sometimes later for games that still don’t have lines or totals set.

Do you only bet sides or totals too?

Actually, totals make majority of our play, especially in college football where they make almost 90% of plays. You might have notices that even reduced juice bookmakers have more juice on totals than on sided. This is because they know its harder to set fair lines for totals than for sides. And we take advantage of this by betting mostly totals.

Are free picks different from paid picks?

Nope. They are 2 of our paid picks. Each week we release one free pick in college and one in pro football.

How many picks do you make during football season?

We made 200 to 250 picks for past seasons. Usually more picks are made early in season, as there are more opportunities and bookies lines are more likely to be wrong, so we take advantage of that. Most lines early in season don’t come to fair line even on gameday.

Have you had a losing season so far?

Incredible as it seems we have 11 season with profit in both pro and college football. Some season were so good we hit around 70% !!!

Why are your picks so expensive?

First off, we do offer a return if we don’t have a winning season, but we didn’t have to do it so far. Picks are expensive because we offer a good service with over 60% hit long term. We haven’t had a losing season so far, and most seasons you would earn over 50 units. Yes that is $5000 if you bet only $100.

On average season you would earn over 60 units. The worst season was when we earned “only” 30 units betting -110 lines. So even then you would earn only 3 grand on $100 bets.

So a $500 price for a season of both college and pro football is actually very fair. It is industry standard price with most services who do worst than we do.

How should i bet you picks? Are there 2,3 or more unit plays or should i always bet 1 unit?

You should flat bet every bet with no more than 2% of your betting bankroll. Be wary of handicappers who advise betting 1-10 units or something like that. They will make bigger plays after a losing streak, trying to compensate for loses, making you risk more money than usual on bets of same chance of winning, which might take you to lose hole bankroll.